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BluGrass’s Application Managed Services (AMS) manage, enhance, maintain and improve an organization’s custom software. BluGrass provides full life cycle AMS, spanning the entire continuum from up-front advisory services through application optimization and innovation. Our Services support your custom business applications, developed in a variety of web frameworks including Java and ASP.NET architectures

Our services encompass:
  • Application Management
  • Application development maintenance, & customization
  • Bespoke application monitoring platform services
  • Package application platform services implementation, support & management (Odoo, MS CRM, SharePoint)
  • User training
  • Application security management
Why offload your organization’s applications to BluGrass?

Our dedicated team will take the pressure of maintaining, monitoring, patching, and fixing your applications off of your internal IT department and place it squarely on our shoulders.
Not only will this free up your in-house IT team to focus on the things that they do best, but this will also save your business the time and money it would cost to educate an employee to the level of performing such tasks.

You would no longer need to worry about maximizing the efficacy of the applications your company uses in its daily operations. This all happens while your everyday operations, the ones that generate you revenue, continue to function at maximum efficiency.

Never be left in the lurch again

Employees leave all the time, which can become a real problem if the worker in question is the only one with knowledge of maintaining your apps.
Fortunately, by utilizing BluGrass as an AMS, you can ensure access to a range of highly skilled experts that will understand your applications from the ground up. We are positioned perfectly to improve and maintain them at all times.

Prevent time-consuming backlogs

Finally, one of the most significant benefits of utilizing BluGrass Technologies as an AMS is that we can help minimize and prevent time-consuming backlogs caused by apps that are not working correctly.

After all, whether your users are employees or customers, a faulty app will cause plenty of problems that will need to be fixed by someone – pulling at least one crucial person away from the day’s tasks.

However, we will ensure that you maximize the chances of your app working as expected and minimize the risk of anything going wrong.